IMG_1594I am a mother, a friend, a wife and a daughter. I am choosing to share my story in order to bring into the light, what the enemy meant for darkness. To share with others that our struggles make us stronger and that it is through this that we get to see the everlasting love of Christ. How I have to continue to give up my life, in order to grow and not hold onto it with white knuckles. It is my continuous journey of not running, confronting my fears, anxiety and unhappiness. Pausing to realize who is in control and who I belong to. It is me facing the struggles that have been chasing me my entire life and choosing what has to die, in order for me to live. It is me building character and realizing that it is in our weakness, that we are made strong.

(Disclaimer:  I am not a grammar professional or writer….if it hurts your eyes, just look away.)