I will live in fear no longer!

black and white black and white depressed depression


I was born into a family where fear gripped every inch of our lives.  We were fearful of the thoughts of  those around us and the words they might say.  We feared God and his heavy hand and the punishment he might lay down before us.  We feared each other to the point where we didn’t share our heart’s desires and it left us in a state of suspense…not moving forward or backwards.

I was taught to fear the dark and all that rested in it.  I was taught that the devil was just behind me and that if I looked into a mirror at night, I would see him.  I was taught that dead relatives would come down from heaven and haunt me.  I was taught that if I made a mistake and was punished,  God was laying down the law.  I was taught to love out of fear, do things out of fear and avoid things out of fear.

The enemy ran rampant in our lives, whispering his lies on a daily basis and sitting back to watch the havoc he created.  Fear flowed through my family like liquid magma.  It burned everything in it’s path hardened the hearts of those around them, as it slowed down.  Generations of my family have parented and lived in fear! But no MORE! I will no longer couple with fear! I release it’s bondage over me and my family.  Fear will be no more! It will grip us no longer. We will live in the promised land and will delight delight in all of God’s glory.  Fear will own us no longer! We will be free! We are FREE! I am free! The chains have been broken and I have been set free.  The door is open for me to walk through and God has outstretched his hand to help me over the threshold.

There’s a world out there I never knew existed and as I stand on top of the mountain with Him, I can see all that I have been missing.  I’ve been set free! My God and savior has rescued me.  Amazing Grace has always been my heart’s song.  God would give me dreams that I was a singer and Amazing Grace would be the song I would sing.  My heart’s song is coming into fruition and I will make it the song of my family!

Fear, I release you! I no longer will join you! Father God, fill it’s space with your Glory and Majesty! “Free at last. Free at last.  Thank God almighty.  I am free at last!” No longer will I see God as my persecutor, but my loving Father, who loves me to no end and always has… since he knitted me in my mother’s womb.

We are all meant for great things! Sometimes it takes a fall, in order to fly! We need to beat our wings like the butterfly emerging from it’s slumber.  Breaking free from it’s cell and flying high, with the wind of God beneath it’s wings.  Trusting God for the wind to fly and the nectar to eat.  Not worrying about tomorrow, but delighting in today.   For today is a gift and tomorrow isn’t promised.

What are you afraid of? It’s time to release it to God.

Fear is the cement that binds our feet and creates our own tomb.  You cannot live in fear..you just merely exist. JUMP! FLY! SOAR! and SING! 

Say it with me! I am free! I am free! I am free! I have always been free! Now is the hard part…how will you live in freedom and make sure that you allow yourself the freedom to fly! 


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