The Family Bloodline


Very early in this journey I prayed that not only would God heal me, but those that come before me and after me.  He showed me a dream of a cobra and in the dream there were many cobras following me.  I grabbed one of them as they sprang forth and grabbed it’s mouth and tour it open.  God showed me in this journey that it order to heal, I would need to forgive myself and those around me.  I went through those that he brought to my mind and forgave them for everything the Holy Spirit brought to my heart. I released them.  I realized in order to stop anxiety in my children, I would have have to learn and emulate freedom.

How to Break the Anxiety for Future Generations

  1. Teach my children not to harbor their, fears, worries and sadness in their bodies, but to cast all their burdens upon the Lord.
  2. Teach my children that they do not have to perform, in order to earn love.
  3. Teach my children that it’s ok to be weak and rely on others for help and support or guidance.  For it is in or weakness we are made whole.
  4. Modeling how unhealthy and healthy obsessing.  Showing them the difference between getting things done and obsessing.
  5. Modeling how to be present in the moment and not being in a different reality.  Showing my children how I seek Father God out.
  6. How to turn to bible for answers and how to hear the Holy Spirit.
  7. Modeling to my children to do things out of love and not guilt.

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