IMG_1168 A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Sometimes that step is heavy and weighty…and sometimes it is like you are floating.  This is for all of those times that you want to give up….throw in the towel or just crawl up and cry.  We all need to have someone help carry our load or even sit with us by the fire for awhile.  You are not alone…you are not alone….you are not alone! For I have created you in my image says the Lord! You were meant to be free and free you will be! But just as the Lord has given you freedom…it is your choice to set yourself free! What will you choose? The long comfortable path or the path that will build character and lead to amazing, joyful and glorious freedom.  The journey to freedom is not easy (believe me) and there are many times that I want to quit, but being free is the greatest gift I could have ever given myself (and keep giving myself). Come join me on my journey to freedom…..it won’t always be easy and sometimes you might have to walk up hill or grab the hand of someone who it waiting for you at the top of the mountain! Let’s walk this together….